Weekend tript to DB’s (Srinivas.A) marriage

As usual we enjoyed a lot in this trip.

For those who are unable to attend the trip. I am sharing most of our memories

I started @ My Home

All are joined @ Office

On the way (this is the only photo of mine coz i am taking the pics)

Almost we reached but as usual traffic jam at Suryapet main road

after half hour we are there only

Developers went for finding the cause

There was a tragic accident

Clearing traffic by Rajshekar

Have u noticed a funny thing above, developer identified the issue (reason for traffic jam) and Tester resolving the issue (clearing traffic jam)

Reached to function hall

Wishing him a very happy married life

One of us said Bhook lagra yaar khana kyayenge

No place.. and we don’t want to stand in the line at least outside of office.

Waiting for announcement (Runa mafi)

Just kidding


Back to Hyderabad

Preparing for next week hectic work schedules


Have a break have a sm…

Enjoying the nature before entering into the world of horns and pollutions.

After discussions on some topics (don’t ask me what are the topics we discussed)

After seeing below vehicle someone said
Yaa we reached Hyderabad

Post UR comments below


6 thoughts on “Weekend tript to DB’s (Srinivas.A) marriage

  1. Hi,
    Good photos and Great Narration about the tour……
    anthaa kalla mundhe jariginattu gaa undhi….
    70mm screen lo choosinattu gaa cheppavu…(situational & suitable comments)

  2. Why you’ve not enetered into the Vizual EFX photography design?
    When i worked with the people of many animators and Vizual Effect Designers (in FXLABS for GHAJINI Vedio/Animation Game)., not even noticed a person who had this much of recitation efficiency…usually we say CREATIVITY.

    ☺☻♥ WaH whAttE tale ♥☻☺

    ██ I wish Srinivas.A Gracious married Life ██

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