taare zameen par (Raising stars on earth)

Rakshit S/O Murali 26th Dec 2009

Bhavigna D/O Narender 10th Feb 2010

Dheeraj S/O Gayathri 23rd Apr 2009

Lasya D/O Ashok 23rd Jul 2010

Veda Samhitha D/O Chandrika 29th Sep 2009

Saketh S/O Swapna 15th Nov 2009

Richie S/O Srinivas Reddy. A 21st Apr 2010

D/O Nagarjuna. B 17th Jun 2010

Saachi D/O Supriya

Nysa D/O Manitha

Bhargav S/O M. Upender 5th Apr 2010

Rishwin S/O Srinivas. Venna 18th Sept 2009


6 thoughts on “taare zameen par (Raising stars on earth)

  1. It’s great to see so many wonderful and lovely new kids on the block…

    is it just snaps or a PARTY coming up hosted by the little one’s parents?

    Looking forward for the next set ( SPARCC team ???? )

  2. “Children will not remember you for the material things you provided but for the feeling that you cherished them.” – Richard L. Evans

  3. Hi Srinivas Reddy,

    Great concept and well Done.It is thrilling to see them all in one place.

    Let us see the progress of these little stars on a regular basis. I want to see Infobrain / SutiSoft keeping up the progress with these shining stars !!!!!

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